About Us

The past 35 plus years, located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in eastern Kentucky, we have been surrounded by underground coal production and have developed the best tire to handle this severely abusive application.

This experience has contributed to the changes and modifications that are found in the Unihaul and UnihaulER Mine Tire.

  • 1. Dual-bead construction
  • 2. Sidewall and rim guard protection
  • 3. Lug stabilizer, both interior and exterior
  • 4. Compounds of natural rubber and synthetics to prevent premature abrasive damage and extend tire life
  • 5. Tubless interior liners and higher ply ratings to allow more air pressure to carry the bigger loads
  • 6. Bead construction to allow both tubless and tube type mounting without trimming to fit
  • 7. Bead construction that gives strength to handle heavy loads that start, stop, turn left, turn right in limited spaces
  • 8. Large lugs for improved traction

Inventories to satisfy continuing demands and trucks to deliver j.i.t (just in time) All Unihaul and UnihaulER production is owned by Marco and is made in the USA


We have 35 years experience in underground mining tires. Mining tires is "all" we are about

  • 1.No truck tires
  • 2.No passenger tires
  • 3.No radial tires
  • 4.We specialize in underground mining tires

We have had the same customers for the past 35 years. You Call-We Haul-UHIHAUL!